Stay on top of deal flow performance

Stay on top of deal flow performance

Unleashing and optimizing revenue growth requires a deep understanding of your pipeline and funnel performance. Tracking every stage from lead to paying customer provides critical insight and can ensure you scale in the most efficient way. And if you want to go deeper than the high level views in your CRM, you’ll probably find your way back to your trusted spreadsheet.

That’s where Equals comes in. If you’re using HubSpot to track your deal flow, our Sales Deal Funnel template makes it dead simple to get granular and track your deal flow and performance at every stage– with  the flexibility of a spreadsheet that’s powered by live data from HubSpot.

🗺️ First, establish your sales funnel

Before diving in, think about all of the steps that a visitor must go through in order to become a paid customer. Choosing the right framework is the most important part of setting up the analysis. Remember, it’s a funnel so you’ll want to define stages that are both discrete and sequential. In other words, every stage should represent a subset of the former.

We recommend avoiding defining stages with granular descriptive states, like, took x action, or invited y teammates.

Instead, these activities can be helpful to predict and model progression between stages. For example, inviting Y teammates means you’re X% more likely to pay.

If you're using HubSpot, you will have a set of default stages for your Sales Funnel which can be customized to add in the relevant steps in your product.

🔍 Understand your funnel progress

Once you’ve defined the stages of your funnel, it’s time to talk about conversion rates (CVRs). It's crucial that you consistently monitor metrics like Visit to Paid CVR, since your ultimate objective is to optimize Visit to Lifetime Revenue.

By tracking conversion rates on a daily basis, you’ll also be able to pinpoint stages in your funnel where you might need to step in and play defense. For instance, a step in the signup flow may have broken after shipping an update. Looking at your funnel can help uncover these unintentional “leaks” faster, so you can plug them sooner.

This is especially important with shorter sales cycles, where leads can convert to trials or paying customers within weeks. Time is of the essence.

🎛️ Take control of your deal flow with Equals

If you’re using HubSpot and want to track the performance of every stage of your sales funnel, get started with our Sales Deal Funnel template today.

Aren’t sure if you’ve set up your funnel in the right way? Reach out and we’d love to help you get set up on the right foot.

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